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RAKE tokens can be mined by playing certain games on the BetTronLive platform and by watching video ads before the live dealer games begin.

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Scammer reversed payment, but Paypal decided in favor of seller

This is a repost, because original post was deleted.
I need to tell the bitcoin community about this awesome thing that just happened. Paypal is notorious for not honoring claims in cases where bitcoin or other virtual goods are used. There seems to be a turnaround on this issue, because we just won our case! This earlier post helped me to prepare our case.
TL;DR: Scammer reversed Paypal. I made a solid case, and won back funds.
Last week, I sold bitcoin on localbitcoins.com to a guy by the user name CJRVD. I did my due diligence. If you look at his profile, he has his phone number verified, plus he has a year's worth of history. His feedback at the time ran back a few months. So I thought he would be trustworthy. Everything went fine, I got a payment and I sent over the bitcoins. For a few days things seemed fine, but on Sunday morning he reversed the payment. All $1200 of them. (Unfortunately, Localbitcoins website went down and stayed down for two days because of some server issues they were having.) Paypal gave me seven days to submit evidence in my favor.
When the site came back up, I took screenshots of the trade (including the receipt generated by Localbitcoins). A screenshot of his profile showing his blocked status and reviews. A screenshot of my profile showing 100% good ratings. I also opened a support ticket on Localbitcoins. They told me to dispute with Paypal but there was a very slim chance of a good decision. I asked them if they had logs of the person, and they sent me his login history including IP addresses. They also sent me all his bitcoin withdrawal addresses. I printed out the page as a PDF and sent it over to Paypal as dispute evidence. That was yesterday. Today I received an email from Paypal stating
We have completed our investigation of the transaction below and were unable to find evidence of unauthorized access to the buyer’s account. This case was denied to the buyer and no funds were recovered from your account.
Boom! Received the full amount back from Paypal. Bitcoin scammer denied! Just to let you know there is hope for your Paypal funds, if you do your due diligence and get full records. Paypal is still a high risk method, but there is hope.
Here are the scammer's bitcoin addresses for public service. Some of them still have coins in them, which is weird.
2014-05-15 05:12:58+00:00, 1.62000000 14YChAbYNV89mfAy9CTpmjJTb7iR61fs4b [txid]
2014-05-14 18:26:44+00:00, 0.00010000 fee
2014-05-14 18:26:03+00:00, 0.64000000 1D6Wu9wmU9nhmPKVTKVjrzKgizoEExvmHP [txid]
2014-05-14 17:04:36+00:00, 0.00005000 fee
2014-05-14 17:04:00+00:00, 2.36000000 1HdGrLVTNTtoFEGXdreckTYw3dCkSSGzDg [txid]
2014-05-14 16:25:47+00:00, 0.00005000 fee
2014-05-14 16:25:22+00:00, 0.99000000 1HM4AWnxq82vUGswA5VibqFPkC5dRhzrFG [txid]
2014-05-14 16:20:20+00:00, 0.00002000 fee
2014-05-14 16:19:56+00:00, 7.92000000 1HdcRevmWKhV3RFepT8dPGVeMiZoPaVngZ [txid]
2014-05-14 15:45:16+00:00, 0.00005000 fee
2014-05-14 15:44:40+00:00, 2.46480000 17eHkCRMNp4i44idCAwFkgfxQXbb42s3i6 [txid]
2014-05-14 09:27:48+00:00, 0.00005000 fee
2014-05-14 09:26:45+00:00, 0.99000000 1Cz8cFQ3ghiygfBRVEonHKYRgAzH1K9StS [txid]
2014-05-14 04:25:23+00:00, 0.87000000 13bG7eSGv51FfVGtC48U18HDuhycZU7641 [txid]
2014-05-14 03:17:33+00:00, 0.00002500 fee
2014-05-14 03:15:18+00:00, 0.97600000 1Lgm7KC69AUr8ZvYGvLyAAzRsSkDztwP3G [txid]
2014-05-14 02:40:16+00:00, 0.00003333 fee
2014-05-14 02:39:50+00:00, 1.12000000 16KN8htACVdsiMNjrXFQRuEHLVopGbrs1Z [txid]
2014-05-13 01:22:09+00:00, 0.70000000 137c5PGLGBdcDqy3W5Xvw2HfnEKcSpJBXc [txid]
2014-05-13 00:28:57+00:00, 0.00003333 fee
2014-05-13 00:28:43+00:00, 1.55000000 1JcyMyN1JNeqzioFyRG9bUmPPZtiqdsxvQ [txid]
2014-05-12 23:16:55+00:00, 0.00005000 fee
2014-05-12 23:16:41+00:00, 1.02000000 13ix3Bb3ZE55JaX6aGsjxxJGZSkPqK2J4C [txid]
2014-04-29 20:41:43+00:00, 0.00002500 fee
2014-04-29 20:41:27+00:00, 0.00005000 fee
2014-04-29 20:36:33+00:00, 4.40000000 13mXaF9SnBS8u1TMG8nzDfDKwMuMgWqvkZ [txid]
2014-04-29 20:35:38+00:00, 0.01180000 1LQGFQrhQsZooevZEjN9fQ96AwZvCqSNLr [txid]
2014-04-28 22:33:43+00:00, 0.00002500 fee
2014-04-28 22:30:28+00:00, 0.76320000 162KEa4aqwHNaQNiaiBCFZvZexpkMdruYr [txid]
2014-04-27 21:04:21+00:00, 0.00010000 fee
2014-04-27 21:03:51+00:00, 1.00600000 143GcVgU1WNGUhyuk41QfyTjj76kGPKzUc [txid]
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Gun trafficking on reddit. Out of the last 100 posts, assault rifle sales, high cap mags, ammo, and gun powder dominate.

After the recent stunning NY Times' expose of Armlist.com, a website that like reddit does not supervise arms trafficking, I decided to take a quick look at gun trafficking on /gunsforsale. (Note redditor and Virginia Tech survivor Colin Goddard, who yesterday appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher, chimed in to support background checks).
Like in Armslist's wrongful death suit, reddit would not be shielded from liability by laws that protect licensed arms dealers or manufacturers if a redditor negligently sold a gun to a criminal or killed himself with one that was unlawfully purchased, which is a reasonably foreseeable consequence of unregulated sales.
At least, it was a reasonably foreseeable consequence to the owners of Craigslist, which realized the danger of providing an unstructured environment for interstate arms trafficking and completely banned them. Amazon and EBay obviously realize this and take strict precautions to regulate transactions that take place there - not only because that is the moral thing to do in that they don't want their customers getting killed - but it is the reasonable thing for a website owner to do when interstate gun sales are at issue.
Reddit's attorney does not practice second amendment tort law or criminal law, and she is not admitted to practice in the 29 of the 30 jurisdictions in which reddit could be sued based solely on these last 100 posts alone, nor is she familiar with the widely varying local laws that are being called into play by each transaction at issue.
This post serves not only to educate our community, but also to educate her as well as to provide notice to the admins that these transactions are taking place. On at least one other occasion, each admin was personally private messaged about other gun sales taking place on reddit, including one internet FFL who was attempting to sell 8 assault rifles on reddit. His FFL license is available to admins upon request.
This post will also be sent to the admins using the reddit contact form with the title "There is unsupervised gun trafficking taking place on reddit". And if we become aware of a shooting, whether murder or attempted murder, suicide or accidental shooting from a gun that has been sold on reddit we will forward this post as well as the other information we have to reddit's opposing counsel in the hopes that it will become an exhibit to ensure that reddit will fully compensate the victim of its willful neglect.
The reddit admins have been aware of this danger for a long time and have done nothing to stop it, and the killing that takes place from it is completely foreseeable and preventable. Two assault rifles have been sold on reddit bearing the reddit logo, one of which was sold out of the trunk of a car in a face to face transaction without a background check. That face to face transaction actually made the national news when the Huffington Post picked up the story. One anarcho-libertarian has even tried to sell an assault rifle using the anonymous bitcoin payment system.
Reddit gun sales have been steadily increasing as radicalized users become aware of the gun proliferation taking place here. I would say in the last 7 months alone, in my own anecdotal opinion and without resorting to hyperbole, they have increased from 10-20 times the volume of September 2012.
Just like the Times article, many of the ads on reddit expressly call for "face to face transactions" which allow the users to exchange guns for cash without having to check IDs. Many also express a willingness to drive long distances, a worrying development that I haven't seen in the ads before. In other words, since the gun seller is not checking IDs, the buyer could just cross the border into the neighboring state to purchase the murder weapon there.
Of course, every seller will totally swear to using telepathy on the buyer to see if they are felons first, or that they will only ship to a FFL, but by and large reddit is a ticking time bomb waiting to go off. Literally.
Here are the highlights of only the last 100 posts:
Most of the posts are from rural gun owners, even those posting in blue states. However, reddit's record keeping is so poor that it is impossible to completely verify. Here is a handy graph showing gun ownership vs gun deaths by state. Here is the Harvard data backing that up
Now, compare that graph with this chart of the breakdown of transactions per state (with red vs blue states sorted out) for an understanding of where and how gun violence occurs due to transactions like these on reddit. Thanks to Im_gumby_damnit for creating this breakdown as well as reporting the other graph above.
State data by transaction number:
FL 10
CA 9
TX 8
VA 7
PA 6
WA 6
OH 5
KS 4
NC 4
WI 3
IL 3
AZ 3
AR 3
WY 2
GA 2
NY 2
OK 2
NJ 2
MN 2
WV 2
CO 2
MI 2
SC 2
LA 2
MA 1
NH 1
AL 1
RI 1
ID 1
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Mi az a bitcoin bányászat? - YouTube Mi az a Bitcoin és mire jó?? - YouTube Bitcoin - Blockchain 3 - Blokkok és láncaik bitcoinhu - YouTube Bitcoin Typer 2.5 - A Free Bitcoin Faucet Bot - YouTube

Mi is az a CoinCash? Milyen szolgáltatásokat nyújt az emberek számára? Hogyan áll Magyarország a kriptovalutákhoz, mennyire vagyunk relevánsak a témában, mint üzlet és fejlesztésben ; Miben változott az üzlet a koronavírus-járvány miatt; Ha tetszik a műsorunk akkor kérjük értékelj minket iTunes-on, illetve oszd meg az itt kapott tudást a barátaiddal ! :) Kövessetek ... Bitcoin has been a big distraction for the last two years because people are focused on how it’s a very volatile currency connected with criminals. They wonder why Silicon Valley keeps pouring ... Find Bitcoin ATM locations easily with our Bitcoin ATM Map. For many Bitcoin machines online rates are available. Producers. Genesis Coin (4080) General Bytes (3362) BitAccess (1106) Coinsource (731) Lamassu (543) All producers; Countries. United States (9178) Canada (920) United Kingdom (286) Austria (148) Spain (104) All countries; More. Find bitcoin ATM near me; Submit new ATM; Submit ... Bitcoin Core is a community-driven free software project, released under the MIT license. Verify release signatures Download torrent Source code Show version history. Bitcoin Core Release Signing Keys v0.8.6 - v0.9.3 - 0.10.2 v0.11.0+ Or choose your operating system. Windows exe - zip. Mac OS X dmg - tar.gz. Linux (tgz) 64 bit. ARM Linux 64 bit - 32 bit. Linux (Snap Store) Support ... Learn about different methods for purchasing bitcoin using cash, wire transfer, or credit card online or at local locations near you. Our Bitcoin ATM kiosks and wire transfers are the fastest way to buy bitcoin with instant transaction speed.

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