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Investing in crypto: “BTCClicks” Advertising Faucet

BTCClicks is a classic advertising faucet that will allow you to learn how to invest in crypto on dedicated advertising channels.
BTCClicks is the first of the triptych of faucets dedicated to advertising that we will describe in this and subsequent articles. Thanks to the advertising faucets, it is possible to invest in crypto through the advertising channels offered by the sites themselves. To register, you need an email and password with subsequent verification of the address used.

After logging in, you will find yourself in the main screen divided into 2 parts: Advertisers, for those who intend to advertise their site; Earners, for those who want to earn cryptocurrencies by viewing advertising links.

By pressing Balance at the top right you will enter the main Dashboard as follows: Account Stats & Info will show you all the information regarding the number of advertisements displayed, the amount of earnings, the total of transfers and deposits, your user level (it is possible to become Premium users, doubling the earnings, by pressing the words Double Your Earning; it is a paid service) and your referral link.

Quick links are available below to transfer and deposit funds.
Very useful all the information related to its affiliates and an interesting graph of clicks made in the last 2 weeks.

The gray menu bar located under the header shows many of the functions listed above: link to the Dashboard, link to the Withdraw transfers page (use a personal Bitcoin address; the minimum threshold is 0.1 mBTC with zero commissions), link to Referral section.

The referral section has a personalized structure.

This section is divided into:
- users hired for a fee; you can select the duration and amount of the expense.
- rented users, for which you will get additional earnings
- direct subscribers, for which you will get the classic standard bonus
Below we have the link to the Premium page; to the history of all the movements carried out; in the Referral section, where you can find your direct link and some very well made banners already provided with HTML code; to the personal page where you can change your password and activate 2-factor verification.

Finally, the main part of the site: by clicking Surf Ads at the top you will earn Satoshi by viewing advertising pages even for a few seconds. By clicking Advertise instead, you can advertise your personal site using a good number of options: literally investing in crypto of the advertising market. In addition to the duration and number of clicks, it will be possible to decide not to have banners at the top of the page where your advertisement is displayed and to activate the demographic filter in order to select a smaller area of ​​users. The limitations to the types of banners are fortunately many and quite severe.

And with that, that's all. The appointment is with the next article dedicated again to Advertisers.

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Investing in Cryptocurrencies: “CoinBulb” Faucet

Thanks to Coinbulb you can invest in cryptocurrencies in the Advertising Faucet sector.
With this article we would like to introduce another site that is part of the Advertising Faucet category, which allow you to invest in cryptocurrencies through advertising channels even starting from small amounts. These are normally accumulated through the viewing of advertising pages or through banners that are placed on your personal site. However, it is always possible, in the event that the figures become substantial, to transfer the earnings to your personal wallet.

Coinbulb is an A.F. with a few years of experience on his shoulders and therefore to be considered widely reliable at present. Let's proceed with the registration using the banner below:

Coinbulb Investing in Cryptocurrencies
Once you have performed the checks via email to be able to log in, you will find yourself in the faucet page, which arrived a few weeks ago on Coinbulb. The type is the classic Claim in tiers of prizes linked to a certain number that will be obtained after pressing the Roll button.
Your Referral Link is immediately shown in the center of the page and will be used to register as many users as possible.

The menu at the top right is divided as follows:

- Profile, where you can change the password and enter the address of your Bitcoin wallet.

- Referral link, where your referral link is shown in both standard and encrypted format. There are numerous banners available both in URL format to be combined with your referral link and in HTML format ready for publication.

- Referrals, report the list of your subscribers.

- Deposit history, lists the total of external deposits and internal transfers.

- Withdrawal history, lists all transfers made to the outside world.

Coinbulb's main Dashboard is the soul of the Faucet!
Let's go back to the Dashboard which shows 2 panes:

- Account statistics, shows the amount of your earnings in the main account / balance and those of the advertising account. From the main account you can transfer funds directly to your Bitcoin wallet. The minimum threshold is set at 0.2 mBTC and the transfer time is 72 hours. In the ADS account, on the other hand, you have to pay the crypto portion that you intend to dedicate to advertising campaigns on CoinBulb. These amounts can be withdrawn from your personal Bitcoin wallet or from the main account.

- Referral statistics, reports all the information relating to your subscribers, number and amount that they made you earn. Also available are a series of very useful banners to insert on your personal website.

Finally, the menu at the top. In addition to the link to the Dashboard and the Faucet, there are two that lead to the main part of the site:

- Advertise, divided in turn into Surf Ads and Active Windows Ads. After selecting the desired advertising mode, press Start Campaign and on the next page enter the required data: URL of your site, a brief description, the number of steps and their duration. It is also possible to select the demographic filter. The real section in which to invest in cryptocurrencies.

- View Ads, also divided into S.A. and A.W.A., will allow you to earn crypto in two different ways as also explained at the beginning of the article: with the S.A. it will be sufficient to press the Open button and let the counter scroll to the end while with the A.W.A. you will have to display the advertising pages on the screen.

We just have, as usual, to give you an appointment at the next article!

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It's time to use satoshis as a unit. Currently 1 satoshi = 5.94 Venezuelan Bolívar

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Bitcoin what?

Sorry guys, I got myself familiar with bitcoin and now I know it is awesome!
So I started in Bitcoin not long ago, and some sites offered bitcoins. (my account is on blockchain).
However all of them only send the money if it reached a substantial amount. Needless to say more than 50% of the sites never payed, but I only lost a few days of work.
However when they did pay, that was the moment when I realized that my daily salary was just 0.12 dollars.
Apparently 1 bit is 1 millionth of a bitcoin.
I see sites advertising lottery up to 3000 Satoshis as huge amount of money, and it's kind of a big deal if you win it. Seriously that's the most you can win, and it's even highly improbable.
3000 satoshi is 0.1 dollar.
With all due respect WTF???
These people honestly think that stupids like myself will spend days of their time and electricity to earn fraction of dollars?
The way I see the only people who can earn a miserable amount of money (500$ a month wich is still shit), are those who run these sites or official exchangers.
Magic coin? It's a scam.
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BEWARE:,, and other Bitcoin Casino's are stealing Bitcoin.

So offered a faucet function, wherein you could earn 0.10 mBTC a day for beating their FaucetBot in a skill-game that they ran on their website.
After working up to a total of 1 mBTC, I had enough to actually bet on some sports or play a casino game with. I played roulette a couple times and won both, then bet on some boxing matches and won that bet, bringing me to a total 7 mBTC. I decided that this was a decent chunk of change, so I tried to withdraw my funds, only to be blocked and told that minimum withdrawal amount was 0.01 BTC. Thinking that this minimum amount was to accommodate for fees and whatnot, I deposited 5 more mBTC from my personal wallet to round up the total amount to 12 mBTC so that I would have enough to withdraw.
After attempting to withdraw, my transaction page revealed that the withdrawal was "rejected," and not refunded in any capacity.
I e-mailed support, this was the response:
(this was a throwaway e-mail account used solely for this website, which I will not be using again after this experience, so spam away if you must.)
So be warned! BitcoinRush (who also runs will take your money and run if they deem you've had too much success on their website!
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The problem with Bitcoin Faucet sites

For all of you that are trying to collect free BTC through the various bitcoin faucet sites, you need to learn something about Bitcoin transaction fees before you waste a lot of time.
The bitcoin network has optional transaction fees that are generally so small, most people do not worry about them (think fractions of a cent.) A person making a transaction would include this fee to encourage the miners, the nodes on the network creating new blocks and recording transactions, to process the transaction more quickly. Most transactions will process without a fee, but the fee speeds things up.
But under certain circumstances, these fees become non-optional. Fom the Bitcoin Wiki:
A transaction may be safely sent without fees if these conditions are met:
Otherwise, the reference implementation will round up the transaction size to the next thousand bytes and add a fee of 0.1 mBTC (0.0001 BTC) per thousand bytes[1]. As an example, a fee of 0.1 mBTC (0.0001 BTC) would be added to a 746 byte transaction, and a fee of 0.2 mBTC (0.0002 BTC) would be added to a 1001 byte transaction. Users may increase the default 0.0001 BTC/kB fee setting, but cannot control transaction fees for each transaction. Bitcoin-Qt does prompt the user to accept the fee before the transaction is sent (they may cancel the transaction if they are not willing to pay the fee).
Note that a typical transaction is 500 bytes, so the typical transaction fee for low-priority transactions is 0.1 mBTC (0.0001 BTC), regardless of the number of bitcoins sent.
In the case of people collecting from faucet sites, you do not meet any of these conditions.
You are essentially collecting BTC that you probably will never be able to transfer out of your wallet without paying a transaction fee that exceeds the amount of BTC that you've collected. If you do not incldue this fee, the netwrok will drop your transaction before it even gets to the miners, so even those who process transactions without fees will not see your transaction. In other words, you are wasting your time.
Feel free to ask any questions.
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As a long time, but small volume holder of Bitcoin: These are some problems Bitcoin has that stops major acception.

Since 2011 I have been interested in Bitcoin, been mining, using it, etc and lately got back in the game after selling it all for $2 a piece (don't ask).
Having told and introduced some For "Common folk" these are some of my experiences.
Just my 2 (mBTC)cents :)
Edit standardization is the key:
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Finally my first mBTC

After a few days on grinding faucets around the web I finally got my first mBTC
I wanted to buy a small amount of bitcoins but its not that easy where I live.
I hope I can reach my first BTC someday ;)
Sorry I wanted to share that with you guys, plz don't laugh of my small "fortune" XD
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Noob here - Questions about Bitcoin Wallet for Android, and Bitcoin in general?

I'm new to bitcoin. Trying out bitcoin wallet for android. I played some faucet game and got .0140 mBtc transfered to an address on the app. The app received the full amount, but says the amount is too small to send out. How can it be too small an amount to send if someone else was able to send it?
Are all btc apps like this? Setting minimum amounts you can send?
I read that addresses shouldn't be reused. The faucet game site asked for an address to send winnings to and it seemed like if I wanted to change that address it was a process that required contacting the site. Can an address only receive once? I actually had a second transaction sent to the same address, of similar low value, but it hasn't shown up at all.
Only receiving once seems like it would be inconvenient for cold storage/paper wallets?
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Up to 5000 Satoshi every 15 min (Every 10000 gets you 1 bitcoin) Plus Daily Bonuses and Referrals!

Pretty Legit, please click my link and check out this neat little faucet that I found! This is my first bitcoin faucet and it is really easy! Units
1 BTC = 1,000 mBTC (millibitcoin)
1 BTC = 1,000,000 μBTC (microbitcoin)
1 BTC = 100,000,000 Satoshis
1 mBTC = 100,000 Satoshis
1 μBTC (microbitcoin) = 100 Satoshis
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Finally 1MBTC from faucets

After a few days of grinding various faucets around the web I finally got my first mBTC
I wanted to buy a small amount of bitcoins but its not that easy from where I live. I hope I can reach my first Bitcoin someday! I know it's not enough, I am just excited about first mBTC, and hopefully BTC will rise even more... Sky is the limit!
submitted by skentorps to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

How Does Bitcoin-QT Decide Which Inputs To Use In A Transaction?

So if I understand correctly, when sending a transaction you input some previous transactions, and any exceeds get sent back to yourself.
For example, if I send 20 mBTC to someone, I might use a previous 7 mBTC and 15 mBTC I received, then send the 2 mBTC remaining from either of those inputs back to myself.
How does Bitcoin-QT manage what to use? Does it use the larger or smaller ones first, or is it random? For example my wallet is filled with different sizes of transactions, from dust I got from a bitcoin faucet, to larger amounts I got trading altcoins on BTC-E. Would it be more likely to get rid of the "dust" first, or does it try to use the larger ones first? Does it attempt to use the largest, but the one that exceeds how much you're sending the least?
Explain please, I've always wondered about this.
submitted by skilliard4 to BitcoinBeginners [link] [comments]

Tournament info - 11-01-2015 // 21:00 UTC

Dear Chopcoiners,
on Sunday the 1st of November we will celebrate our two-month anniversary with a tournament to which we invite you cordially
The start will be at 21:00 UTC.
Here are the details:
2 matches 15 minutes each Playground with plenty of food 0.001 buy-in the pot will be tripled by minute 10
Furthermore we will giving away 0.05 BTC to two of those who retweet our next Twitter post which will be marked with „RT005BTC“ at the beginning. Draw will be on Monday night.
To enable you being able to afford the buy-in we will increase the faucet payments from now on till the beginning of the tournament.
  1. increase from 5000 to 10000 mBTC (0.00010000)
  2. increase from 3000 to 6000 mBTC (0.00006000)
  3. increase from 1000 to 2000 mBTC (0.00002000)
  4. increase from 500 to 1000 mBTC (0.00001000)
  5. increase from 500 to 1000 mBTC (0.00001000)
Looking forward to celebrate our anniversary with you at the tournament and spread the word.
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Crypto currency online casinos vs fiat currency online casinos?

I started online gambling a few weeks ago. My introduction to it was a bitcoin site. Because I had like 0.9 mBTC that I claimed from faucets. And I figured why not try my luck by gambling these small amounts of coins?
Thus far I haven't gambled anything more than what I made from faucets and from this app that pays you a couple/few cents each app for installing and running apps (it pays you in your choice of bitcoin or paypal and I choose bitcoin every time). I only have 17-18 mBTC. And I plan on using all my bitcoin for gambling. So I haven't been risking much money.
I get paid in gift cards or PayPal cash from doing offers/watching videos from Perk, Swagbucks and this other app. They don't have a bitcoin option. I'm thinking about converting my USD PayPal funds to bitcoin. I have $22.50USD in PayPal right now. I know a dealer who will give me like ~$20.60USD worth of Bitcoin for that. That's a ~9.2% markup.
Is it worth paying the ~9.2% markup in order to purchase bitcoins to gamble? Or should I just gamble at an online casino that takes PayPal or credit card (preferably one that takes PayPal because I have to pay a 2.5% currency conversion fee if I withdraw PayPal USD to my bank account).
I really like the dice games on the bitcoin sites. Like (0.8% house edge) and (1% house edge). The payouts in the fiat currency casinos that have dice games or roulette aren't that large from what I've seen. Like 30-1 profit (for craps or roulette, that's a huge house edge since there's 36 combinations in craps and 37 numbers in European Roulette. In order for house edge to be fair in craps, they should give you 34x profit if you win, -1x for the 35 times you lose out of 36. And for European Roulette, 35x profit if you win, -1x for the 36 times you lose out of 37. 30x is a rip-off).
They don't have the crazy 9900-1 or 9920-1 payouts you see on bitcoin dice sites. Though the odds of me winning a 0.01% chance bet in my lifetime may be low so. lol. Whatever I make from Perk, Swagbucks and offers apps isn't enough to cover all my expenses (I'm basically living off my savings). It's just beermoney. My goal is to gamble that money I make from those sites and hopefully get a huge lucky break. I'm desperate. I only made like ~$75USD/month from Swagbucks, Perk and offer apps. I want to turn that into like $300+USD/month at the very least.
I'm really looking for a dice or roulette type of game with big payouts and a reasonably low house edge. A game of chance. Blackjack takes some skill so I'm screwed unless I get good at the game. I bet card counting doesn't work with online Blackjack. And Poker is much more skill-based.
submitted by jacobwheeler to BitcoinGambling [link] [comments]

trying nlocktime on testnet

i like the ideas used in the green address wallet and decided to try the nlocktime-feature on testnet.
i think i understand what i need to do in case green address went down, however i did not succeed when trying. this is what i did:
i seem to be unable to complete the last step - is there a bug in gentle? the private key i see in gentle starts with a 'K' - shouldnt it start with c because its a testnet key? (
when i try to sweep the key using greenwallet testnet i get "Fetching unspent outputs failed". the bitcoin wallet for testnet on android also does not accept the address.
submitted by iSOcH to greenaddress [link] [comments]

Seeking beta testers for a BTC-backed financial playground/tradenet for Python scripts. Using an Agent, scripts can transact and communicate publicly. The ServiceAgent simplifies offering paid services, or paying for services, to 5 lines of code or less, given only a seed, callable, name, and fee.

ServiceAgent TL;DR:
Using the ServiceAgent, any Python callable can be used as a service. The developer only has to specify a seed for the ServiceAgent, reference the function, and give the service a name and a fee. The fee can be much less than a single satoshi. The ServiceAgent must also have netvend credit, but for now I'll provide credit for all interested developers.
Netvend authenticates calls and responses behind the scenes by checking cryptographic signatures, and keeps a transparent, independently auditable history of all activity.
If you'd like to try it out, download the Python netvend toolkit and follow along with the code samples below. At the moment this only works with Python 2.x.
This is a beta service. It's an open beta, but the "beta" part means that you should not depend on it operating smoothly all the time. We may need to take the server down, or even wipe all the data and start from scratch. You've been warned.
How do I fund my agent?
For the time being, I'll simply fund your agent for you. Once you have your agent's address, PM it to me and I'll send it some credit through netvend.
Alternatively, I've set up a sort of faucet agent, in case you don't want to wait for me to respond. See below, "getting credit from the faucet agent", to see how to get some.
How do I use the ServiceAgent to offer a service?
The best way to describe this is to jump right into the code. Let's say we want to rent out the service of adding 2 to any number for 1 mbit. A silly service, but keep in mind we could use any Python function, as long as its arguments and return values are json-encodable.
import netvendtk def add_two(num): return num+2 service_agent = netvendtk.ServiceAgent('correct horse battery staple') print "service address: " + service_agent.get_address() service_agent.register_simple_service("add two", add_two, netvendtk.convert_value(0.01, 'mbtc', 'base')) batch_results = 
First, we define a function. Any function would work, as long as the arguments and return values are json-encodable.
Then we create a ServiceAgent with a seed, and print its address. This agent would normally need to be funded through a netvend deposit, but like I said, I'll fund your agent for you for now. Just PM me the address once you've printed it. Note that $0.01 of BTC pays for thousands of interactions at the least.
Then we register our function as a simple service, under the name "add two", and for a cost of 0.01 mBTC (converted to base netvend units (uSats)).
Finally, we tell our agent to work. Until now, our agent hasn't needed to connect to netvend. Using a series of cryptographically signed netvend requests and commands, it will search for any new requests, use the add_two function to serve any "add two" requests, and post the results publicly to netvend.
(This series of requests and commands is what netvend charges microfees for, and is the reason your agent must be funded before being used. By charging microfees for low-level commands, netvend allows developers to use a sort of tradenet backbone however they'd like.)
Another script can request this service from anywhere on the Internet, as long as the seeded agent has even a very tiny amount (starting at about 0.05 satoshis, or 0.0000000005 btc) of netvend credit. The calling script must know the address of the serving agent, as well as the name and fee of the service, and the expected arguments:
import netvendtk service_agent = netvendtk.ServiceAgent('bla') add_two_service_address = "1JwSSubhmg6iPtRjtyqhUYYH7bZg3Lfy1T" result =, "add two", [5], netvendtk.convert_value(0.01, 'mbtc', 'base')) 
We specify the service address, the name of the service ("add two"), arguments ([5]), and the fee we'd like to send (0.01 mbtc). This script's ServiceAgent then signs its own series of requests and commands (this is what the 0.05 satoshis are for), first requesting the service, then fetching the response that our first script posts in response.
The speed of the last line returning the result, of course, depends on how often the add_two service script checks for requests.
The withdraw command is down (this is why I'm funding developers directly, myself), as I'm still halfway through an upgrade. But normally, you'd be able to simply use:
if service_agent.fetch_balance() > netvendtk.convert_value(1, 'mbtc', 'base'): service_agent.withdraw(netvendtk.convert_value(1, 'mbtc', 'base'), your_bitcoin_address) 
This would withdraw 1 mBTC of credit into Bitcoin if your agent has that much. Any credit your agent makes could be withdrawn on an automatic schedule like this, or can be spent buying services from other agents and scripts.
Testing it out with others:
Once you get any kind of service running, please respond below with your address, service name, and argument expectations! Keep in mind that if you set an appropriate fee, your agent can earn enough credit to pay the netvend fees. Alternatively, if you'd like to try calling other services, check out the comments below to find some.
For now, I have an example service running that simply takes a string argument, then returns a string containing the argument it was passed previously. It's running on address 1GbceejVDAShYRRXaT2TDdWjxpqbazwphm, under a service name "get last string", and takes a fee of 0. This means you'd access it like this:
sa = netvendtk.ServiceAgent('your super secret seed') to_send = raw_input("string to send: ") print"1GbceejVDAShYRRXaT2TDdWjxpqbazwphm", "get last string", [to_send], 0) 
(Note that since my service is taking a fee of 0, it will eventually run out of netvend credit and die.)
As I personally test out and see the kinds of services you guys set up, I'll keep a running list of them at the bottom of the post.
Getting credit from the faucet agent:
Use the following code to get credit from the 'chbs' agent to your own agent that uses a more secure seed:
import netvendtk #the 'correct horse battery staple' agent has credit already, meant for public use. chbs = netvendtk.Agent('correct horse battery staple') #using an Agent (not a ServiceAgent) because we're only using the low-level pulse command. #A ServiceAgent is just an Agent with some more methods, #so the next line could use an Agent or ServiceAgent. #either one will generate the same address and use the same netvend account. #you'll want to change this seed, as this is meant to be your own secure agent. my_agent = netvendtk.Agent('a super secret and suitably random seed') #this will be the public address for the keypair held in my_agent, #and is needed to receive pulses of credit. my_agent_address = my_agent.get_address() #now, send a pulse of credit from the chbs agent to your agent's address. #specify 10 satoshi, converted to the 'base' netvend unit (uSats). #Please don't be greedy! 10 satoshis will last you way longer than you'd think. chbs.pulse(my_agent_address, netvendtk.convert_value(10, 'satoshi', 'base')) 
How does it work?
All activity is facilitated via netvend, which charges microfees to pay for the infrastructure of the tradenet (this microfee structure is essential to a server that is neutral, dependable, and accessible at such a low level). All activity is cryptographically signed automatically by the api before being sent to netvend. This authenticates the command, so there's no need to send passwords. Netvend then stores all commands and signatures transparently, which makes the entire database independently auditable, in the same way the Bitcoin blockchain is.
Because netvend is entirely transparent, all data uploaded is public. A developer who desires more privacy can use encryption to hide data. Do not use this tool for passing sensitive information, without encrypting data.
The ServiceAgent is really just a complex wrapper around the Agent class, which accesses netvend through the lower-level post, pulse, and query commands. Using only these commands (which are simple but initially may seem counter-intuitive), a script using netvend is capable of much more than simply offering and paying for services. For example, by using the query command, the reputation of any agent can be researched through any valid SQL SELECT query--a very powerful research tool. Or you could search through the pulse history to see which services are most popular, or even where a given agent turns around and spends its profit. Or you could find out which strings were most-often passed to my earlier mentioned "get last string" service. Unlike the ServiceAgent, a fair understanding of netvend is needed to unlock the more powerful potential of the Agent's basic commands.
Netvend is completely open-source (github). Please review, comment, and fork! If you're interested in an administrator role with netvend, please contact me.
The next few steps:
I have a long list of to-dos, but these are the first/most important items on the list. I'll work on whatever you guys see as most important, moving forward, and I'd be ecstatic to have help with any of these:
  • Get deposits and withdrawals back up and working again. These were working before, but a recent server code update has outdated them, and they need to be updated as well.
  • Add methods to ServiceAgent to faciliate posting and getting objects: something like ServiceAgent.post_object(name, object) and ServiceAgent.get_object(name, author=None). This could be used for an agent to post public cloud data, whether intended for public consumption or just for personal storage. It would also enable a script to reference the same data without re-posting it, which could cut down quite a bit on running netvend costs.
  • Modify ServiceAgent to support encrypted activity.
  • We have already worked a little bit on a social network that uses payment history (or, "pulse trails"/"pulsenet") to find and prioritize new content ("posts") based on the voluntary tips of agents the user has already approved. More about the concept here.
  • An audio/video/other streaming tool could be built that allows anyone to stream data to netvend, publicly. Because of the way netvend works, it will only cost the streamer pennies to upload, the users would pay their own microfees for downloading the content, and all activity would be pseudonymous and secure.
  • With netvend's built-in communication and transaction framework, a casual kickstarter tool could be developed. It would specialize in queries that analyzed the reputation of different agents, so the user could quickly judge the trustworthiness of a project, and easily donate micropennies or more.
  • A tool could be written that simplifies game data and command interaction, where a host script can host a game and accept game move commands from other scripts. This would allow an open-source MMO game, and allow open-source competition between game interfaces. This would only be suitable for slow-paced games, but still has some interesting potential.
The larger scope of the project:
I've been working on netvend for a little over a year, and I'm now certain it's capable of amazing things. The ServiceAgent tool is my first attempt at exposing netvend such that it can be used without having to understanding netvend's counter-intuitive nature. If you're interested in working on the project at a lower level than through the ServiceAgent tool, or if you just have questions, email me at [email protected].
Existing ServiceAgent services:
Name: "get last string"
Address: 1GbceejVDAShYRRXaT2TDdWjxpqbazwphm
Arguments: [new_string]
Fee: 0
Serves requests every: 3s
Description: just returns the string passed to it during the last call.
submitted by syriven to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

Welcome to /r/cryptoarbitrage

Vince Lombardi once said "Inches make champions." No, that isn't a penis reference. It's just the football version of "slow and steady wins the race."
That is the approach I am taking to altcoin trading.
Most of the altcoin arbitrage posts ("arbo ops") you'll find here are small trades, resulting in a profit of anywhere from a few mBTC to 20 or 30 mBTC. What that means is that you don't have to have a lot of bitcoin in order to make these trades. Even if all you have is bits of Bitcoin from faucets, you can still do this.
Good luck and remember - NEVER invest more than you can afford to lose!
submitted by BitcoinMafia to cryptoarbitrage [link] [comments]

How to complete the circuit

So I just completed a circuit of BTC faucets by clicking on the first link in the list that incompetent_troll posted, Senior Bitcoin. It took me about 10 minutes to complete and I entered my address on 16 sites, banking me 16 mBTC. You can start the circuit again every 30 minutes after entering your address on Senior Bitcoin. Here's the guide and what I mean by completing the circuit:
After entering your address on Senior Bitcoin, you will see a green box saying success. In this green box, there will be a link saying "Get more bitcoins here" or something along those lines. If the link isn't in the green box it'll be in a blue box under the green box. Now enter you address on the next site then look for the next link in the green box on the second site. Each site uses the same system so they are all like this. To check how much you've gotten click the link in the green box. After the 16th site you'll be brought back to Senior Bitcoin, thus "completing the circuit."
If you do this for 6 hours on your phone that's 6 hrs x 2 half hrs x 16 mBTC = 192 mBTC or .000192 BTC and if bitcoins are $130 that's .000192x130= .02496 dollars. Not much but it's free.
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Earn Free Bitcoin Faucet TOP 5 BTC Faucets - YouTube watch ads earn bitcoin/per ad earn 50 satoshi/high paying ... Free Bonus 1 MH/s - BTC - LTC - Doge - DASH - Redd Mining - Earn Unlimited Bitcoins Free bitcoin faucet get 0.01 and good faucet with withdrawal proof BTC Faucet Collector Bot: Automatic Satoshi Collection ...

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Earn Free Bitcoin Faucet TOP 5 BTC Faucets - YouTube

Link: Best free Bitcoin mining earn up to 0.025 BTC every day Automated miner boost miner is an reliable Bitcoin mining pool. All... How to make money online at home, free bitcoin generator without withdrawal fee. dogecoin Litecoin Dashcoin https... 💾 Download link: (to download, you need to disable your antivirus) Description: BTC Faucet Collector Bot is software ... This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue Calculadora de Bitcoin, Satoshis, mBTC y Dolares - Duration: 9:01. ... Bitcoin Faucets Brasil 11,078 views. 12:06. How To Make TRUE PASSIVE Income 💸 ($400/day+) - Duration: 10:08. Millionaire ...